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We can professionally package and crate your fine art and collectibles to insure
that they are protected during your relocation.
We Haul It, Inc. brings over 26 years of experience to your doorstep. We are
dedicated to your safe and professional moving experience, no matter the size of
your move. Our knowledgeable and experienced team will move your piano,
furniture, entire home or business safely, professionally and affordably.
We offer safe and green alternatives to insure that your goods are protected
during your move using materials that are recyclable and safe for our planet.
Packing of Goods
Piano Moving
We will move your delicate instrument with care. We know that your investment is
important to you. We Haul It Inc. will move your piano safely, even from your
second or third floor.
Fine Art/Collectibles
We can provide you with a special crate and professionally package your
television during your relocation so it will arrive safely to its destination.
Large Screen Packaging
(401) 228-3858